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Scenario strategist and published author.

Mitch Ilbury is a new breed of strategist, balancing the demand for innovation with the benefits of philosophical reflection. He specialises in the underlying principles of good futures thinking, and what makes effective decision-making in the face of uncertainty.

He has led strategy sessions in Ethiopia, Australia, the United Kingdom and across South Africa.

Mitch holds multiple degrees in philosophy, and a master’s degree (with distinction) in intelligence and international security from King’s College, London. He has studied under some of the top global minds in cyber security, strategic communication and conflict simulation, and has also studied Game Theory at the National University of Singapore.

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Every decision we make relates to the future in some way. But how effective are we at thinking about the future?

In trying to understand what the future holds, we look to flashy trend analyses or bold predictive forecasts, but such methods often miss those big strategy-invalidating tipping points that shape our world, and provide little in the way of building an ongoing capacity to think the future more effectively day in, day out. Put simply, we outsource the task of thinking the future; in turn, we become reliant on the flawed forecasts of others while we have to own the decisions we make.

No more.

Drawing on insights generated at the coal-face of strategic decision-making with boards and executive teams, as well as from a globally unique provenance of legendary scenario planners, from Herman Kahn to Pierre Wack to Clem Sunter and Chantell Ilbury, Mitch Ilbury will empower you to think the future for yourself.

His latest talk distills profound lessons from his new book co-authored with Clem Sunter, Thinking the Future: New Perspectives from the Shoulders of Giants. Building off seminal concepts though up by some of history’s greatest thinkers, Mitch highlights the do’s and don’ts when thinking the future, and helps create awareness of the common cognitive traps that trip up even the most astute leaders.

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Dynamic world. Dynamic thinkers.

Education company aimed growing the next generation of foxes - agile, adaptable and anticipatory thinkers.

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Specialists in scenarios.

Consulting, training and facilitation in the use of scenarios in strategy.

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